hi im brando and i make stuff lol

hi! i'm brando, but im also called Breadcrumb everywhere you find me on the interwebs


i make youtube videos about lots of different things that facinate me. most of the time, i make videos about minecraft and programming devlogs. my videos are always fun for everyone to enjoy and watch! my most popular videos are apart of my Minecraft server devlog series, where i create a minecraft server using a very cool programming language and plugin called denizenscript! it is a super fun way for me to gain experience programming a big project and find ways to make things work while also creating youtube videos that are really fun to make and watch!


in addition to making youtube videos, i love to create open source software and programs. i am an avid programmer and i love tinkering around and trying to create new things with my code. you can check out my epic projects on my GitHub. i have messed around in many different programming languages and ideas such as javascript, c#, c++, php, java, html, css, and denizenscript. right now i am in the process of learning a pretty neat langauge called rust, which is probably a new favorite. in addition to programming, i also have a lot of knowlage in a lot of different programs, such as Illustrator, GIMP, Procreate, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Blender, Github Desktop, git, windows terminal, wordpress, woocommerce, figma, and some linux commands.